About Us

Main Members of Dharmaj Society of Toronto are Madhubhai, Ashutoshbhai, Rohitbhai, Mayank, Jayshil, Amrish (Aku), Vipul, Manish and Nehal.

History of Dharmaj

The history of the settlement of Dharmaj is very ancient. People say it was settled by Dharma Rabari in 1130 AD. He used to take his cows there for grazing. He had found a Shiva Ling, while digging in the remote area of jungle. The name of this village refers to him, Dharma. In 1155 AD. Narsihbhai Patel of Jargal, came to settle down in this village. The house he used to live is now known as Juni Khadki. Rangaji Patel’s descendants are the Patidars of the five Khadki’s:

  • Athamani Khadki – formed Sundardas Rangadas.
  • Vachali Khadki – Tadjandas Surdas.
  • Kaduchini Khadki – Kaduchi Nathji Tadshidas.
  • Kakani Khadki – Ratandas Surdas.
  • Solamagjini Khadki – Solidas Bhavandas.

Since a long time, the Patidars of Dharmaj have detailed knowledge about agriculture. The lands remained fertile, even while the maximum amount of crops were extracted. Tobacco was the main crop. As there was Urvakunji Nicotine Industries in Dharmaj, nicotine was produced by them. The Patidars of Dharmaj took on a leading role in the Independence Movement. They provided shelter to the freedom fighters.